Saturday, January 30, 2010


If last nights Performance by electrifyingly sexy young Dublin band, The Pulpit was a Tv show on HBO it's ratings would be through the roof and everyone would be talking about it at the water cooler today. The timid looking trio were everything but. - I had not seen them live before so had no preconceptions about them, They are definately a band that will go somewhere and i'd recommend to keep an eye on their stellar ascendance. As they wrapped it up nicely, DJ Dirk Montage took the reins with the novel idea of projecting the music videos as they played, dug up from who know what decades old vault of rock n roll, and the moving and shaking continued until ridiculous O'clock.
Shakedown got yet another amazing band that wooed the packed crowd last night -
it makes me wonder what riches the Hot Sprockets will have to offer at next weeks Shakedown, tell all your friends, bring all your family but don't tell the Parish Priest, we'll see you there

Quote from the crowd " I wanted more pizza, but there's none left...." - Both deep and meaningful....

review by an anonymous contributor. rhymes with dave

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